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EUROPRO AUTOHAUS Automotive Tips: Overrunning Alternator Pulley System

Kelowna drivers know that their alternator generates electricity to run the engine, all of the electrical systems, and to recharge the battery. Your serpentine belt spins the alternator to create the electricity.

Until recently, the alternator was always spinning while the engine was functioning. Now some alternators come with overrunning pulleys. There are two types of overrunning pulley systems , we won’t make a distinction here, but will simply refer to them as “overrunning style”.

Your serpentine belt winds over and around pulleys attached to the engine accessories, including the alternator. Overrunning style alternator pulleys are able to disconnect from the alternator allowing it to “coast” when the engine is decelerating. This allows the alternator to be at rest some of the time, which, of course, means the alternator will last longer.

Overrunning style alternator pulleys provide additional vibration isolation for smoother engine performance, increased fuel economy and longer belt life. They reduce overall wear of all of the engine accessories.

If overrunning style pulley replacement is necessary, the alternator will be checked. If the alternator is still good, only the pulley needs to be replaced, saving a good amount of money.

This type of alternator is quickly becoming standard equipment on new cars in Kelowna. The vital benefits of increased fuel economy and reduced wear to the overall accessory drive system are significant.

Your EUROPRO AUTOHAUS service advisor can help you with all of your starting and charging troubles. The skilled technicians at EUROPRO AUTOHAUS can inspect, diagnose and correct alternator, battery, and starting systems.

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