Aluminum Skid Plate


Volkswagen's oil pans are made of a paper-thin cast aluminum that is easily cracked by many objects such as road debris, manhole covers and speed bumps. While your car may be at stock height, there is only approximately 4 inches of ground clearance with your oil pan. If you are lowered from stock height, there is very little room for error when negotiating an object in your path. Here is some information on this Evolution Aluminum Skid Plate for those of you that haven't seen it before.

  • 4.25 inch hexagon oil drain access hole. (Works best with the TDI diesel engines MK IV )
  • The plate is 5052 grade aluminum and is 4.8mm (.191 inches) thick.
  • Smooth Finish.
  • Protects your cars oil pan, a/c pump, radiator, transmission and plastic side skirts.
  • Bolts to the frame with 7 steel rivet-nuts.
  • Never rusts.
  • MK IVWeighs 18 pounds (23 including hardware).
  • MK V and VI  Weighs 13.8 pounds (18.2 including hardware)
  • Maximum amount of ground clearance possible provided.
  • Most popular Skid Plate Available.
  • One hour install.
  • 10 gauge steel powder coated front mounting brackets.
  • Three point intrinsic stress “bar” at the rear of the skid plate first developed by Evolution Auto Accessories.
  • CNC Machine Manufactured.


98-Current New Beetle
99.5-2006 Golf
99.5-2005 Jetta
99.5-2006 Jetta Wagon
2004 Golf R32
All 2.0 City Golf & Jettas (Canada)
05.5-Current Jetta & Jetta Wagon V & VI
06-Current Rabbit & GTI
2010- Current Golf VI
Golf V R32