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hankook_409_ipike winter

Hankook W409 Winter i*Pike Tires

Optimized for winter performance, the iPike offers outstanding driving stability even on extreme road surfaces with its Optional Stud Pin Arrangement, Wide Tread Width, and Square Profile.


  • The regular three-row studable area is increased to six rows, thereby enhancing traction and minimizing stud noise. 
  •  Maximum winter performance is ensured by enhancing the kerf edge effect on snowy or icy roads
  • Vehicle performance dramatically improves through the square profile designed with SCCT(Stiffness Control Contour Theory) technology and sidewall stiffness control.

These tires are not pre-studded. Studding can be purchased separately.

 General Altimax Arctic

General Altimax Arctic Winter Touring Tire

The Altimax Arctic has unique grooves and sipes, combined with a modern compound, offering high performance at low temperatures.

  • Multi-Angle Sipe System: 270 degrees of sipes with biting edges that maximize traction in any direction of travel.
  • Directional Pattern with Center Stability Rib: Water evacuation is maximized and straight-line stability is enhanced.
  • Reactive Contour Technology (RCT): contour reacts to different road conditions to maintain optimum contact with road surface throughout the life of the tire.
  • All-Weather Dual Tread Compound: Exceptional cold-weather flexibility and excellent wet traction.

These tires are not pre-studded. Studding can be purchased separately.